October 21, 2020

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Surfing the web is FUN!  It is an amazing thing to do.  You can find so much great info.  You can watch news, sports, homemade videos and so much more.  You can email, chat, video chat and even get VIRUSES!!!  It is important to learn how to safely navigate the World Wide Web so you don’t need to call us to fix your computer.

First thing FIRST!!!

I hate to break your heart, but Bill Gates will not give you a million dollars.  There is no prince in the middle east that will give you free money to funnel it through your bank accounts.  The IRS, UPS, USPS, your bank etc etc etc will never send you an attachment via email.  And, if you are on a website and a popup appears saying that you won a bazillion dollars, YOU DIDN’T.  With that said, let me show you some other safety tips to help you while you surf the web!

Keep your browser and any plugins updated

Web browsers are often your first point of contact with the internet no matter what device you are using. Developers release frequent updates to ensure you can experience the latest the web has to offer – more than ever websites are taking advantage of all the new features enabled by HTML5 video and audio, advanced styling and improved speeds. Many sites have stopped supporting older versions browsers, due to compatibility and security concerns.

Hackers often target vulnerabilities in web browsers which is why the companies that make them release regular updates to patch any vulnerabilities. Installing the latest versions helps keep your device secure – fortunately, most common browsers include options to automatically update either in the browser themselves or as part of the operating system update tools.

Use a browser that allows you to take your bookmarks with you between devices

Most modern browsers allow you to create an account so that you can reduce your reliance on search engines and synchronize your bookmarks between your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Many even enable you to see the pages you have open in other devices and open them in the device you are using at the time.

PLEASE Block Pop-ups

While desktop pop-ups from your operating system are unavoidable, pop-ups in your web browser can often be switched off. Browser pop-ups typically open new browser windows to push adverts, and while most are just annoying, some can contain malicious links or inappropriate content. Most browsers come with filters that automatically block pop-ups and enable you to allow them for those trusted sites where they may be advantageous.

Use an ad blocker

Pop-up ads and the feeling of ads following you around the internet have led to the rise in popularity of the adblocker. Ad blockers stop webpages showing you ads, which sounds great until you realize how controversial this subject is and the profound impact it could have on the websites you visit.
Most websites are paid for by ads on a pay per impression basis – so if you have an ad blocker running, you deny the publisher the revenues that are paying to keep the site going.

By all means, protect yourself using an ad blocker, but do consider whitelisting your favorite sites as the ad revenue is what keeps them in business!

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